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    Michi (Isolde)'s Been Here...


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    Michi (Isolde)'s Been Here...

    Post  ismichi on Sun Apr 11, 2010 10:59 pm

    ... mostly just lurking. XD

    Because I have posted outside of my Gen.'s (6's) category, I felt it would be weird if I did not introduce myself.
    So, 'ellos~ <3

    Let's see...
    Some basic stuff, to get into my personality (some)

    ~ Am socially awkward, but I am not anti-social!
    If I do not reply, it is most likely due to my inability to continue in conversation. >,>

    ~ Likes H!P (My votes: Feel free to comment with disagreements or agreements!)
    Not much of the older groups, merely because they did not appear in Wonderful Hearts when I started following H!P and I am a lazy bum and do not want to at times.

    ~ Like NEWS
    I have just started, a while ago, so I do not know them 100% yet (voice recognition) nor their songs (so many!).
    Order of Faves: Shige, Koyama, Maasu, Ryo-chan and Yamapi and Tego-nyan.

    ~ Owns Hontou?Concerto
    I killed our debut concert (as we dub H!P concerts), with my horrid mixing... If you have seen us, please ignore that. (My Mixing improved a gazillion times since then!)

    ~ Forgets some things, but not others
    I will remember things weirdly, so when I type... I sometimes forget something/s that I was going to type. XD

    ~ Has Ice-Blue Eyes~
    That's not a lie, nor are they contacts. <3
    They're my charm point~

    ~ Am American (Irish, Ukrainian, and Russian)
    Two-thirds Irish, Quarter Ukrainian, and the rest Russian. Please note that the Mathe terms are used loosely and are merely to show a basic concept.
    Besides my Heritage, I am American and like to be American. Only... Hetalia's too true! XD

    ~ Loves Hetalia
    Not enough to be concentrating love in and around fanfiction, though. But some are superb.
    *has only read PrussiaxHungary/GilbertxElizaveta ones*

    ~ Likes singing~
    No duh, but still. XD
    Lately, I feel that I am starting to improve. Though, my improvement rate is super slow so it takes half-a-year for any... o.o

    ~ Am in a total of three singing organizations
    First generation (since creation)of Wondering Dreams, Gen. 6 member of Shinju Project, and also participates as a singer in Hontou?Concerto. <3
    I... do not want to take in too much work, as I also mix for H?C... ja.
    Concerts are so long at times... o.o

    ~ I blab.
    Look above.

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