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    I'm Sorry.


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    I'm Sorry.

    Post  Ayuna on Sat Jul 24, 2010 7:52 pm

    I'm sorry everyone,but I'm afraid that SP will have to close down. Here are my reasons why.

    1.) I didn't ASK for this project to be mine in the first place. It was just kinda handed to me unexpectedly and I just figured to take over it.
    2.) I have NO time to run THREE projects at a time. Yes,three. I don't have time to record for this project,mix,or just keep it going. it was going to die eventually so, I just figured I'd close it now before that happens.

    I talked to Mimi about it,and I told her I had to graduate and that SP was back in her hands,but she said she doesn't have time for it either. When I get the time to, Ill finish mixing everything that was started. But after that,I can't continue as a leader,or even just a member for that matter. Shinju was a fun journey,and it really brought me up to where I am now,and for that, I'm very grateful. If it wasn't for Mimi giving me my first advice on how to mix, I'd be TERRIBLE and have NO idea how I was suppose to do it. XD All of you guys gave me tips on how to be better as a singer,and you have NO idea how thankful I am for that. You guys are the best and this is one of my favorite projects EVER,but, I have to stop here. I just want to say I'm sorry for doing this to you all but I thank you all for understanding and bringing me where I am now. If you have any questions,feel free to ask me on my main account

    You can add me if you haven't already also if you like.
    Again,I'm very sorry. TT^TT
    -Ayuna [Gen 4/Leader of Shinju Project]

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